Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The beauty of Shillong

Is this Shillong?!!
View down the hospital hill
Nursing school
In front of our house

Just when we thought we had seen all there was to see of Meghalaya's wonderful natural beauty, we were surprised yet again! We had a 15 minute hailstorm today and the power of the wind and the size of the hail needed to be seen to be believed. I braved the end of the storm to rush back home to get the camera, slipping in the ice all the way. The view of the hospital lawn is always beautiful, but this was the best yet. And I thought, isn't it amazing that there is always something more that you can see and experience if you will only wait for it... The beauty of Meghalaya continues to surprise and inspire.


  1. Are you guys are living in a resort in the name of doing your bond?!!..... Just kidding.
    The pics are beautiful and I am so sad that our planned trip to Shillong has not worked out.
    Happy snapping away - I think that u will soon have a wonderful repository of snaps if u live in a place like this!

  2. Thanks Elsa! This really is like living in a resort, especially now that the rains have started. And your planned trip can still materialise - we would love to have you.

  3. wow!!!!!
    this is really beautiful!!
    guess it was worth rising ur back n running back home eh?
    pretty!!!!!!! :)

  4. It is unbelievable that you took this picture in the heart of Tamil Nadu. You wrote ' .....the beauty and stillness of the place' brought home a special message to you. this was possible because you took time to listen. Listening is 'being' so take time to '...be still' to listen to God, to each other and to the still small voice within you.

  5. There have been no entries since ODC. Looking forward to some new stories and pictures

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  7. beautifully taken photos....snow like hailstones add more beauty and history to our beautiful Shillong city..regards from http://www.durbhabriew.blogspot.in