Tuesday, July 20, 2010

After a long hiatus...

I thought long and hard before beginning this blog. Many of my friends had begun similar endeavors with great gusto but had sooner rather than later, fallen by the wayside. I too, nearly suffered the same fate!! It seems that life has many things that pull us in different directions and staying centred is often difficult. (Not that my posting this means that I am anywhere near 'centredness'!!) But I have another excuse as well. I spent some time with the question of existential angst that would surely trouble any self-respecting web-logger. Why do I do it?!! Is there a streak of exhibitionism that calls me to open my heart and mind to all and sundry? Or do I have the elitist notion that my thoughts and words are of such great import that the world should hear them? The dilemma over the answer to this question kept my blogging in limbo for all this time. After much anguished (!!) deliberation, I decided that I should write again. For no lofty reasons, I confess. Merely the realisation that there is some catharsis for me in this process. Especially if I do not keep rechecking to see how many comments I have received!! And also, being a quite poor in the other forms of communication, my family and close friends can take a peek into the meanderings of my mind and the beauty of 'Megh'alaya - the Abode of the Clouds. And so, this blog is resurrected (probably not for the last time!!). May it not die too soon!!


  1. It was lovely to see your blog. may it live long. We have been checking to see if there were any entries and were disappointed not to find any. Do keep writing.
    Yesterday we were talking about Henri Nouwen's book on the beloved where he talks of the communion.
    Jesus took the bread and blessed it. It was only then that he broke it and gave it to others to eat. This breaking and giving is what causes the existential angst - and yet the focus should be that he first takes and blesses. Only if we can stay with the fact we are taken and blessed the breaking and giving to others falls into perspective. The clouds then swirl away revealing the mountains behind and we return to the centre that we are 'taken in God's hands' and 'blessed by Him' and that is the centre. You are the beloved - you are loved. We bless you as you cherish each other and enjoy the beauty of Meghalaya.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I am glad for your ability to give expression to your thoughts and bring alive the vibrant and nascent beauty in nature. Your photographs, interpretations and impressions make the sights come alive with feeling and expression. I too feel drawn by your inspired inner events.
    Each morning I come to my office, I look out of the window to watch for the morning surprise over the sea. Today, the clouds and the hidden sun gave a visual treat of sea merging with the sky. There is continuity even in nature. Two contrasting media - sea and sky embrace each other and together bring a message of harmony. This feeling was comforting as I walked in the drizzle thinking of over 70 people who died in the train accident in West Bengal yesterday. There is trauma and pain, but the created order constantly leaves traces of harmony for us to return to as the ground of reality on which we are called to rest... Have a good day of taking to your heart what you see, hear and feel.
    with love and regards