Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sharing the gospel - Hollywood style

Thinking out of the box is not always a strong point for us evangelicals. We have an agenda and we methodically (or militantly!!) go about it, sticking to 'guidelines' that are often outdated. The Great Commission, personal witness, worship, fellowship and so on are often understood within the boundaries of convention and tradition and sometimes even caged within them. So it was a refreshing change to find recently that the Sherwood Baptist Church from Georgia, USA has been systematically thinking outside the box and has made a deep impact thanks to some of its innovative activities.

Amy and I recently watched the movie Fireproof, a beautiful story of unconditional love and forgiveness and, I believe, a must-see for all married couples. Doing some internet research, I found that the movie as well as another famous Christian movie of recent times - Facing the Giants, were made by Sherwood Pictures which is run by the Sherwood Baptist Church. Moreover, the church does not simply fund the movie productions, but gets actively involved. 'The production is driven by volunteers (one professional film crew of eight men works at a discounted rate); church members act, cater, baby sit, answer phones, pray, handle wardrobe, make-up, set design, and support sound, lights, and every area of filmmaking.' (from the church website). How inspiring that a movie of this calibre and with this important message came about as the result of the dedicated effort of the members of a single church. The challenge is before all of us - do the activities of our church meaningfully serve in the building of God's Kingdom? And how much are we personally involved in them. Often putting our money into the offertory bag is the sum total of our activity of giving to God's ministry. There must be more we can do......

In the course of my 'research', I came across an article by the pastor of the church on marriage. One of the activities he says he does with couples to be married struck me - it was that men often cannot name the 3 things their wives would enjoy the most. The more I think about it, the more I think I have Amy's favourite things down pat......... Or maybe not....... Am going right now to check it out!!

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