Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Amy says that my latest blog posts are getting too long and boring! So this time I promise to KISS (keep it short, stupid!) Being in Shillong, one cannot help but wonder at the huge variety of plants everywhere. The rich colours and the lush greenery eventually grow even on a unobservant cynic like me. Every day on the way to hospital, I see the flowers outside the staff houses and over time, the gardening bug bit me too! Thanks to generous gifts of 3 flowering plants from our dear friends Karuna and Santosh when they visited us a few months after we came, followed by others from my parents and Drs. Joe and Denny Fleming, we had the raw material........

But, there's many a slip twixt the cup and the lip as they say! After 3 months of general neglect and occasional pampering, we had even managed to kill off one of the pots.....

And that was the story of our first attempt at gardening. Our second attempt was to plant a curry leaf plant in our back garden along with some beans, tomatoes, carrots and peas. The peas were the only vegetables to oblige and gave us one crop before biting the dust. The curry leaf flourished and seasoned many of our attempts at sambhar. However, it too was doomed. A friendly neighborhood mali (gardener) decided that our back garden was too overgrown and one day cleared up the whole area, curry leaf and all..... That was a day of mourning..... And that was the story of our second attempt at gardening! The story of our latest attempt will have to wait for another day! (Update: Here's the story of the latest attempt)

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