Wednesday, August 11, 2010

linkorama 10/8/10

WORKING MOMS: Having always been an advocate of at least one parent being at home whenever the children are (at home), this goes out to all my working mom friends, some of whom I know have gone through much angst over this question. There are always two sides to every argument (HT: Challies)

BUDDY GREENE AND THE HARMONICA: Having experimented with the harmonica on and off and even having played it once on the stage in the Scudder Auditorium at Vellore, I really enjoyed this clip which my mother linked me to. I played so bad, no-one even tried to be nice about it!! And I always thought it was because of the limitations of the instrument...

Here's another short one.

JOHANN PACHELBEL'S CANON IN D: One of the few classical music pieces that is commonly known, this canon coupled with a gigue was supposedly written for the wedding of Johann Christoff Bach, the older brother of J.S. and a student of Pachelbel. Love Johnny and Chachi's take on it. Thanks Pradeep, for introducing me to them.

FUN LOOK AT HOMESCHOOLING: To end, the extreme opposite of what I started with! Just to prove, there are two sides! (HT: Internet monk)

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