Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Linkorama 18/8/10

THE MINISTERS SPOUSE: I read an interesting article on the attitude of a pastor's wife here. I realised this could be extrapolated to anyone in any form of ministry and that means all of us who call ourselves Christians. For after all, each of us has a ministry - we just need to identify what it is and start doing it!! And once we are in ministry, we need a spouse (husband or wife) who is supportive for sure, but totally unimpressed. That's the only way we can be grounded in reality and not think we are the cat's whiskers!! The best way to be made aware of mistakes is the gentle prodding of a spouse. And since hopefully both the husband and wife will be in their own avenue of ministry, this should be the general attitude in the house - supportive, but unimpressed (for the large part!!). Do read the article. (HT: Challies)

FREE RUNNING: Amy came across the sport of free running while surfing channels on one of her duties. There is a TV in the doctors room which (I guess!!) makes up to her for not having one at home!! She diligently takes her books along with her, but I guess the constant interruptions and stress do not really make for the best atmosphere to study!! So, anyway, she told me about it and I did what I do with anything new I hear about - I googled it!! (Am surprised my spellcheck software does not recognise 'google'!! But then, for that matter, it does not recognise 'spellcheck' either!!). Forgive the digressions! Free running is an athletic sport that derives from the very similar 'parkour' and now the terms are sometimes used interchangeably. It involves getting from point A to point B using the most direct route and using whatever obstacles are in the way to speed up rather than slow down progress. It is rather like the older Jackie Chan movies where he runs up walls and jumps between buildings. Just that here, there is no safety wire or net. The proponents are said to have a heightened sense of awareness of the position of their body parts in relation to the environment which gives them an advantage over us normal human beings! Some of the videos on YouTube are exhilarating to say the least. Here is one.

THE MONKEY BUSINESS ILLUSION: We are all victims of illusions every day. Especially those of us who are involved in highly focussed activities. And those of us whose drivenness often blots out the surroundings. Beautifully captured in this illustration. Enjoy! (HT: Worship Matters)

ARE YOU A SODA FAN? I came across this illustration showing the effects of the various sodas on our body. So think twice before you open your next Thums Up!! (HT: Z)

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  1. Thanks for these interesting bits of info especially the soda & monkey business. The pastor's wife article is also good. Only iron sharpens iron the Bible says and who better than the spouse. It is the way it is done that brings the strain. So do it gently lovingly and with much prayer. Love Mama