Monday, August 23, 2010

Linkorama 23/8/10

WHEN IS ABORTION JUSTIFIED? Here is a good article on why aborting children diagnosed prenatally to have genetic diseases is not Biblical. I quote, 'We do not get to decide if this is what we want. God gives life and we are to accept it as the treasure it is, whether that life is normal or marked by disability.' Having had these discussions over the dinner table in hostel, I always found (to my huge surprise) that I was usually the only one who believed that abortion is not justified in any situation except when the mothers life is at stake (which happens so rarely as to be negligible). Even some of my Christian friends did not agree with me and in fact, considered me cruel and insensitive. I guess things are clear to me as this issue was always a part of my life and discussions at home as my father's first book was on the topic - Let Me Live.

SHADOWING DR. JESUS: An insight-filled meditation on doing rounds with our Saviour by Andi and Sheba Eicher on the EMFI blog. A thought which struck me (describing the actions of Peter's mother-in-law after she was healed), 'But the healing process is not just an absence of a pathogen or the elimination of a root etiology. Healing means wholeness - and what does the person do after the illness? In the case of Simon's mother, she was able to joyfully serve - immediately! How wonderful to see a person bursting with health - health not just enjoyed by the now-well-person, but channelled into serving others. Our work of healing is to help the dear people we serve... themselves in turn serve others! And what better person to serve - than the Master Himself?'

GLORIFYING GOD IN OUR MOVIE-WATCHING: Thoughts from Pastor John Piper on whether enjoying arts, movies and culture can be God-honouring. The conclusion - 'I just think we need to test our hearts big time. Big time. Why are we able to enjoy hell bound, God ignoring, Christ dishonoring, false world views because we can give it a little twist at the end that it taught us this or that about the world? So, I think the main thing I'm saying there is, test your heart as to whether entertainment is defaulting to the world, or to something more wholesome. We live in an age where we tend to default to the world for entertainment.'

MODERN COUNSELLING: Enjoy this spoof of our present-day monetary and time-based counselling practices and read this article for a Christian comment on it.


  1. oh !!!!!!!! so its GOD'S WILL that a woman gets pregnant because of RAPE / CONTRACEPTION FAILURE and we have no right to terminate pregnancy because it was GOD'S WILL to make her life miserable.


    If yes - so shall we stop treating and helping cos its gods will to kill the ppl? why stop gods will ? why don just let them die ? why not triage ill people into gods will and accidents?

    if no - then how come pregnancy is gods will ? and the other stuff is just by plain accident ?

  2. Detailed reply coming up in today's post. Thanks for the thought provoking comments

  3. Thanks Bali for bringing up these issues. These are the difficult things to talk about in th context of a loving God. But they need to be addressed in our minds so that we can move on to the great things that God has in store. Please see my post on 'Why does God allow suffering' dated 7th September for the answer to your broad question on God's role in suffering.

    As for the specifics, it is certainly not God's will that a woman gets pregnant due to rape. God made sexual intercourse to be a beautiful thing shared between a husband and a wife. But sinful man has spoilt that perfect plan with his own one - debauchery, lust, pornography, adultery, rape, paedophilia, homosexuality, the list goes on. Once we choose to deviate from God's plan we are bringing in all the evil effects of sin. Now the depth of pain that a woman who has been raped will go through can be understood only by her. However, terrible though it is, it cannot justify killing the unborn child. Two wrongs can never make a right, except in the foolish thinking of human minds. With all consideration and help for the pain she goes through, she may be able to see the option of adoption as a possibility if she cannot raise the baby herself.

    As for children conceived by contraceptive failure in a committed marriage relationship, how can that ever be a problem. I have yet to find a mother who has found her child to be a cause of pain or sorrow. In fact, rather than make her life miserable as you suggest, the child enhances her life and the life of the family, even when unplanned. It is again the foolish thinking of this world that makes us believe that having a child - one of God's greatest blessings - can ever be a something bad!!

    The human race is always trying to prove itself to be self-sufficient and masters of its own destiny. This pride has caused us to forget our true position as created beings out of dust. Once we remember our Creator and accept His love and forgiveness, our outlook to life often changes and we move from selfishness to selflessness, from getting to giving. This should be our daily challenge - to offer our lives as living sacrifices so that we can be the instruments to alleviate all the suffering that we can. But rather, we spend our lives seeking for comfort, riches, glory and career prospects and miss the joy that comes from serving God and man. And we try to assuage our guilt by accusing God of not being worthy enough of our service, thus freeing us to serve ourselves. May none of us fall into this trap.

  4. "Now the depth of pain that a woman who has been raped will go through can be understood only by her." ... lets leave it at that. at least i would, and not try to bring my own interpretation of gods will into it. what u're telling a woman - is to have the child which will symbolize that incident, she'll not be able to love it, not be able to hate it. in the end her choices are to either give up her own child, or live with the hurtful memory.
    As men, i don think either of us have the right to even start comprehending the depth of "rape", let alone start commenting on what a woman should do.

  5. I feel a little ashamed to be discussing this terrible topic so lightly, but I realise I have not really made myself clear and I apologise for that. I wrote - 2 wrongs do not make a right, but I did not clarify it clearly. I am saying that it is wrong to kill a child for the crime of the father, however terrible that crime may be. Please correct me if I am wrong, but as I understand it, you are saying it is fine to kill the child because of the crime of the father!! Forget Christian values, even normal human justice will say that it is totally wrong to punish one human being for the crime of another!! As I stated and you quoted, the pain of a woman is her own and my heart burns at the thought of how much terrible sin is there in our world. All I can do is to provide solace if and when the opportunity comes and lead wounded souls to the peace that comes in the presence of God. I will never judge or advice anyone on what to do and I do not believe I have done so in the post. All I am saying is that killing the child for no crime of its own is wrong. Forgive my lack of clarity earlier, if any.

  6. "killing the child for no crime of its own is wrong" true - but the mother did no wrong either.
    by saving the unborn child, are u ready to take the lifelong agony of the mother on urself ?


    ure the only doctor in a remote village, a woman comes to u fr abortion. if The village finds out she'd be out caste or worse maybe killed. would u refuse her ?

  7. Thank you for this scenario - you have hit the nail on the head. The reason this world is in such a mess is because Christians refuse to live like Christ. I cannot speak for myself, as I am as big a sinner as the next man, but my understanding of the right thing to do in the eyes of God would be like the story of the good Samaritan. I would have to provide her the support (financial and emotional) to move to one of the many places where unwed mothers are cared for - I know of at least 3 such places in India and I am sure there are many, many more. These places provide for the mothers-to-be and then once the baby is born find good homes for the children if the mother does not want to keep the child. A true Christian doctor would do anything and everything in his power to save the life of the baby and provide whatever support the mother would require. He or she would also educate the rest of the village about how terrible it would be to murder the child, whatever it costs. I pray that if I am placed in this or a similar situation, I will be given the grace to respond like Christ.

  8. thts the best case scenario - real life - doesnt always happen this way - im sure u know this.
    anyway nuf said.
    Hope u r never in such a situation, the same fr me.

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