Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Linkorama 24/8/10

FREEDOM FIRM: Today I learnt the shocking news that an estimated 300,000 minor girls in our country are in sexual slavery. Freedom firm is an organisation that is attempting to end this scourge by rescuing the girls, restoring them to normal life to prevent them from returning to the brothel and seeking justice for their captors so that they are prevented from repeating their crimes. It is a moving story described briefly in this short film. (HT: Eichers)

Freedom Firm from Freedom Firm on Vimeo.

ETERNAL PERSPECTIVE MINISTRIES: Pro-life author Randy Alcorn tells the inspiring story of how he left his his job as a pastor and founded EPM. Being unwilling to take a shortcut and compromise caused personal difficulties at the time but was the right thing to do from an eternal perspective. (HT: Challies)

U.S. EMBRYONIC STEM CELL RESEARCH FUNDING BLOCKED FOR NOW: On the same pro-life note, a federal judge issued a temporary injunction blocking government funding for embryonic stem cell research. There is rejoicing or criticism depending on which side of the debate people are on. Just to make it clear - embryonic stem cell research is still legal and continues - funded privately or by state governments in the US. In India, embryonic stem cell research does not face the government or ethical (read Christian) opposition that it faces in the west and Forbes predicts that the way this is being 'aggressively' researched, India could become the world leaders in stem cell research. I strongly support adult stem cell research, but believe embryonic stem cell research is a crime. Sorry to be so harsh, but lets face facts - however well it is justified, ending (or gravely endangering) one life in the hope of saving another does not seem to be morally justifiable to me. Of course, the next phase of research has already come in with the 'creation' of human embryos cloned from single adult cells in 2008. I will say no more for now.

BRITAINS OLDEST WORKER: At the other end of the circle of life, Buster Martin, who claims to be 103 years old, retired at 97 but went back to work as he felt 'bored' and continues working two jobs till date. Among his many claims to fame is his famous London Marathon run for charity at the age of 101. And I start huffing and puffing halfway through my 5 minute walk to the hospital! In this video, he tells us how he did it. Obviously, his regimen is not for me!! (HT: Buzzard)

CHURCH OR CALL CENTRE: This post explains why it is better to work at a call centre than to be a pastor. A bit of humour to get you through tomorrows technology fast!!

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