Thursday, August 26, 2010

Linkorama 26/8/10

The Facebook fast was not as easy as I though it would be!! But I survived!! Missed my blog time though - Hope some of you did too!! Here is today's smörgåsbord!

CHURCH SUES OIL COMPANY FOR COMPENSATION: This news report tells of a church in the U.S. that was affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill - the deep sea oil rig explosion that has led to the largest marine oil spill in history. The pastor claims that since the fishing community he ministers to was deeply affected financially by the spill, the monthly collections have drastically dropped. He claims that after last years recession, the church will not be able to survive this 'double whammy'. So he has sued BP, the British oil company responsible for the disaster claiming compensation for the lost tithes!! Well, fancy that!! (HT: TC)

WORSHIP APARTHEID: In this post, a pastor tells the story of the decision his church made to unite their Sunday services. They had previously had one service with contemporary worship music and the other with a more traditional style to cater to the different groups of members. But there was a realisation that this was actually a form of segregation and there could be no difference of opinion based on the worship that the gospel could not bridge. And so, the 2 services were merged with incorporation of both styles of worship into the service. Interesting concept - wonder what it will do to the membership!!

LORD SHOW ME SOME LIGHTNING: Every Christian's dream come true - instant answer to prayer. Watch this!! (HT:Z)

HOW SERIOUSLY DO WE TAKE OUR FAITH: A few pictures that question the sincerity with which we approach our God. For enjoyment as well as reflection... (HT: JNNPR)

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