Friday, August 27, 2010

Linkorama 27/8/10

TRANSPLANT TRAGEDY: This article tells the terrible story of the death of Ryan Arnold following the donation of part of his to his brother Chad, who had irreversible liver failure. Having been senior registrar on the transplant team at Vellore for a few months, assisting on 2 cadaver transplants and 1 live donor transplant, I have gone through the whole gamut of emotions that accompany this procedure - the severe tension that precedes it, the sleepless nights that follow it and the extremes of emotion at success or failure. This is a blog post by a cousin of the brothers and this is Chad's blog which he started following the tragedy. Let us remember his Ryan's wife, Shannon and their 3 children in prayer.

I FOUND FREEDOM IN PRISON: The inspiring story of Christian Hosoi, arguably the world's greatest skateboarder, whose hedonistic and destructive life style took an about turn when he came to God in prison. Now a pastor, he tells how he came from prison to freedom when he went into prison from 'freedom'. (HT: Burk)

ANOTHER TECHNOLOGY FALLOUT: This Washington Post article tells how children often spend long hours in the night with their cellphones, iPods and video games depriving them as well as their parents of sleep! (HT:Challies)

THE ROGER FEDERER TRICK SHOT: Here is the Gillette ad that has been in the news for a few months. (HT:Z)

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