Saturday, August 28, 2010

Linkorama 28/8/10

BARTHOLOMEW IN INDIA: We all know that Thomas the Apostle had come to India and been martyred here. But did you know that he was not the only apostle to reach the fair shores of our country? This post tells the story of the martyrdom of 9 of the 12 apostles. The 2 not mentioned, James the son of Alphaeus and Thaddeus were also martyred, James in Egypt and Thaddeus in Lebanon. I learnt for the first time that Bartholomew (Nathaniel) had come to India and had spent some time in the Konkan region near Bombay. He left behind a translated copy of the Gospel of Matthew when he left for Armenia where he was martyred. We remember with gratitude the cloud of witnesses who have gone before us and pray that we too may be faithful, as they were.

OFFICE ON WHEELS: The new age of communication on the move is here. The Brabus iBusiness from Mercedes is now a reality after many artists' depictions have simulated something like this in the past. 'Each car comes packed to the gills with outstanding multimedia capabilities, including two iPads in the rear seats with matching Bluetooth keyboards for each. The iPads are capable of controlling every aspect of the S600′s COMAND system, including the radio, navigation system and telephone, in addition to BRABUS’ own custom multimedia functions. Don’t think you’ll be limited to offline or 3G use, either, because the car boasts its own wireless internet via UMTS and HSDPA connections. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a Mac mini in the back seat that uses a drop-down 15.2-inch TFT display, Magic Mouse and USB 2.0 ports accessible to both passengers for real computing power. Finally, because you wouldn’t want to use iTunes on the Mac mini or the iPod apps on your two iPads, there’s a 64GB iPod touch in the center console that also controls the whole shebang using a custom BRABUS iOS application.' There are more pictures here. (HT: Pure Church)

THE ULTIMATE TRAFFIC JAM: Being in Shillong, we have got used to the reality of regular traffic jams. As most of the roads barely fit 2 cars, any breakdown, accident and most often a wrongly parked car can cause a huge hold up. But here is the story of a traffic jam in China that lasted 9 DAYS!! I'm never going to complain again!! (HT: Freakonomics)

SAND ANIMATOR: Amy showed me this movie of a sand animator (have you heard of that before) that is doing the rounds on the internet. Kseniya Simonova started drawing in sand once her business collapsed during the recession and came to fame by winning the 'Ukraine's got Talent' show. The story in the sand is of World War II where 5-8 million Ukrainians lost their lives. A detailed explanation with translation of the songs and words is here. In brief, the story is of a woman whose husband goes off to war. She stays behind taking care of her baby and is happy when she receives his letters from the front. Then she receives a letter saying he is dead or missing in action and grows old as a widow. Her face transforms into a war memorial shaped like an obelisk as Ukraine begins to rebuild. The final scene is of a woman looking out of a window with her child and a soldier outside. There are different opinions as to the ending. Is it a flashback reminding her of her husband and all those who died at war. Or is it a glance into the future where she sees her son who reminds her of her husband and who may suffer the same fate as our race has not learnt yet how to live together in harmony. The words she writes at the end that translate as 'You are always near to us' do not really clarify. Watch it and decide.

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