Monday, August 30, 2010

Linkorama 30/8/10

INDIAN WOMBS FOR RENT: The medical tourism industry has been in the news for all the wrong reasons thanks to the 'superbug' controversy. This may or may not change things as we know them. However, in the area of surrogate motherhood, it is likely that India will continue to be one of the world leaders, not just because of the low costs ($22,000 versus $100,000 in the west) but also because of lax laws that allow just about anyone to have a baby. 'Same-sex couples, single parents and even busy women who just don't have time to give birth are welcomed by doctors.'

INCONGRUOUS?: Is it possible to have a thing of beauty actually diminish the aesthetic environment of a place. This house certainly attempts to do that! (HT: Pure Church)
Swedish town house

Swedish town house

Swedish town house

DOES DRIVING CAUSE OBESITY: People are significantly more obese in countries where car use is more common. However, as all you epidemiologists out there would be quick to point out, proving causation would be difficult. A new study is adding weight to the observation. It shows that people who used a recently constructed light rail system in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA were 81% less likely to become obese and also reduced their Body Mass Index. (HT. Freakonomics)

BEWARE OF MEDICAL INSURANCE: The recent Outlook magazine had a cover story on medical insurance which was rather revealing. There is a high degree of commission and omission on both the side of the insurer as well as the customer as this article shows. Here is a good article that gives some valuable advice to those planning for medical insurance. It seems too much for me to handle, so I guess I'll just go with faith and prayer!!


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