Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Linkorama 31/8/10

SHOULD WE BOYCOTT THE COMMONWEALTH GAMES: I have been planning a post on the CWG for some time now, but have not had sufficient time for the research required. Suffice to say, that just like many of the sensible Indian minds out there, I have been bleeding over the terrible wastage of money and the blatant corruption that have sullied what could have been something really special. The idea of holding a games of this magnitude itself was questionable considering the circumstances of the average Indian and with all that has transpired, it is now clear to all that it was a big mistake. But what can we do about it short of marching on the capital and demanding justice (which as normal educated Indians we will never do!!). The Sunday Times had a suggestion by Chetan Bhagat (aka Rancho!!). His idea is for us, the common people to boycott the games - not attend them, buy no merchandise, not even watch them on TV. Our leaders hide behind the excuse of patriotism, but if we continue to let them get away with this level of daylight robbery, we are like the wife who allows her husband to beat her again and again, suffering in silence for the sake of preserving the family honour. I really hope I can get sometime to read more on all this tamasha, but for the time being, I agree with Mr. Bhagat. And I will not be watching the Commonwealth Games this year (easy to say as we don't have a TV!!)

FLOODS IN PAKISTAN: Another topic that I have really wanted to read more about, but have not found time. We remember the poor people who have been so badly affected - 1600 killed and 1.6 million others left without food, shelter or medicines, according to this article. Let us pray that even as the difficult terrain and the lack of government infrastructure delay aid efforts, God will take care of His people and give them comfort at this terrible time.

ADOPTION OF EVERY CHILD IN COLORADO: Project 1.27 is an organisation whose mission to make sure that every child who is legally free for adoption in the state of Colorado, USA finds parents. As Amy and I think and research more and more on this topic, you may find a few more links like this. Stay tuned...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG WITH A DIFFERENCE: This birthday song (that someone sent for Amy's birthday) talks about stuff we usually tend to push under the carpet on birthdays!! You gotta watch this clip - I though of quoting a few lines, but then I would've had to quote the whole thing - it's hilarious!!


  1. lol!!! i just saw this!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. Arpit - are you censoring your Dad?

    Blessings from the non-cryogenically living Eichers

  4. Oh no. You caught me, Andi!! Just to clarify, there are no hard feelings on either side!! And am still trying to figure out 'non-cryogenically living'!!