Friday, August 6, 2010

Linkorama 6/8/10

Thanks to a few tips from Pradeep Ninan, I am now connected to a number of Christian (and other) blogs. Here are a few hot links.

EXTREMISM IN RELIGION: Recently, there has been a lot of buzz on the re-emergence of the Taliban in Afghanistan and the effect it will have, especially on the women. (see this Time article). The present fashion seems to be to call into question all the so-called 'militant' tenets of the Muslim faith. But are we so different..... Very close to home, a sad story emerged recently in the newspapers. A village in Nagaland has declared that the only faith in the village should be that of the Baptist Christian denomination(see this article). To that end, they burnt a Catholic church and warned that anyone bringing in another denomination would be fined `50,000, have their 'movable and immovable assets' confiscated, (which just means everything that belongs to them, I guess) and expelled from the village. Youtube videos show up many other examples of Christian 'love' which I will not sully this blog by linking to. Suffice to say, while we may look at other religions and decry their heinous acts, let us not forget that in all of us there is a tendency to become like the church of Corinth. Our human nature with its self-importance, pride and deeply-ingrained sin will rear its ugly head at the smallest opportunity.

THE DIGITAL REVOLUTION: An interesting chart showing how the digital revolution has changed our life (HT: Informing the Reforming). Reminds me of one of my classmates during my surgery training who was making a presentation in the surgical clinical meeting on appendicitis. He gave a thorough explanation of the clinical features of the illness and then asked us how the digital revolution had made its impact on the diagnosis of appendicitis. Similar to the scene in the movie, 3 Idiots, where Aamir Khan has the teachers scratching their heads, all of us, professors to interns, scratched ours for some time, to no avail. (If you haven't seen the movie, you can check out the clip here, about halfway through). Finally, he gave us the answer - the digital rectal examination!! I am sorry to say that this was received in much the same way as Aamir Khan's explanation in the movie!!

THE NEW RUPEE FONT: The government of India made a great choice for the new rupee symbol. Thousands of us across the country are hitting ourselves on the head and saying, I could have done that!! Of course, the fact that Mr. Udaya Kumar Dharmalingam, the now-famous designer of the symbol, is a PhD in typography from IIT makes it easier to swallow! There certainly must have been something extra special there!! While its choice of the symbol was certainly inspired, knowing our government, there had to be some hitch! They proceeded to announce that the symbol would be commercially available after a whole year!! Talk about bureaucracy!! Fortunately, our techies were not willing to wait for so long. Here is a website where you can download the font for the new symbol and start using it for free. Enjoy!!

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