Monday, August 16, 2010


Yesterday we had a retreat for the nursing students. It was meant to be a follow-up of last week's Friday Fellowship when 42 of them had committed their lives to God. We were fortunate that Independence Day was just a few days away as on all other days, the students have duties and all would not be free at the same time. We had 4 sessions - assurance of salvation, spiritual growth, group discussion with question/answers and 'exhortation'. One of Truman's friends Ivan took the first two sessions and they were filled with Bible verses and exactly what the students needed. There is often much confusion about what it actually means to be 'saved' and he used scripture really well to explain the basis of our faith. There were many pertinent questions following the group discussion and it was inspiring to see him bringing out verses to answer each of the questions. His in-depth knowledge of the Bible and ready application brought home to me once again my own deficiencies in this regard. The last session was mine - 'exhortation'. It is a commonly used word here, but I was not too familiar with it!! I exhorted away for 45 minutes and succeeded in putting my wife to sleep. The students however, seemed to be listening. I guess, they were too scared to close their eyes!!

For me, it was exciting to see about 80 young people ready to spend their afternoon off listening to the word of God. I suddenly remembered Abraham's prayer - if only half of these children were to dedicate their lives to His service without reservation, there would be revival in this place. Even if there were only 5...... Or even 1......


  1. We give thanks that you were enabled to lead the retreat and for the grace given to speak for 45 minutes.May God continue to bless your words and lead many to the light through your words.
    Do you remember Dr. Garlic telling us that 'sleep is next to salvation' and leads one to rest in God's presence, so Amy was only enjoying the gift of sleep. It is only those who are at peace that can sleep. Much love and God bless and continue to use you. We love you Papa & Mama

  2. Thanks, but I was thinking that the gift of sleep should be enjoyed in bed, not when hubby dear is preaching!! AJM

  3. When our friends ask about you both, we often tell more about your spiritual work than the professional work. It comes out that way quiet naturally.

    May God bless you spiritually and professionally.

    We had a good time at Bangalore, and hopefully will reach Kerala tomorrow.