Monday, September 20, 2010

Linkorama 20/9/10

TIPS FOR BRINGING UP CHILDREN FROM JC RYLE: Here are a few tips from a 19th century pastor on bringing up children. He had much experience as he was widowed 3 times...

SOCIAL ACTIVISM IN MEGHALAYA: Private coal-mining is banned by the government, but in Meghalaya, it is rampant thanks to our corrupt system and many people have made huge fortunes. The problem with this sort of money-making is that the environment and the rights of the local people are not figured into the equation. So it was good to read this article which tells the story of a group of young people in the Garo Hills who took a stand against illegal mining and the associated deforestation and actually emerged successful. A reminder to all of us that there is still hope for those who wish to take a stand against our corrupted and polluting systems.

LASER THERAPY TO QUIT SMOKING: This article describes a therapy under study where lasers are used at pressure points in the body to help a patient to quit smoking!! As expected, the results are not encouraging!! The things people think up!!

12 STEPS TO IDENTIFYING YOUR FUNCTIONAL SAVIOUR: An interesting checklist to identify what (or who) you actually consider your saviour - as all checklists go, an honest appraisal will be enlightening and possibly humbling.

CHECKLIST FOR HUSBANDS AND WIVES: A set of checks by Selwyn Hughes for husbands and wives - very useful and as expected humbling!!

MARRIAGE ACCORDING TO ALICE COOPER: I recently read that Alice Cooper, one of the pioneers of shock-rock, where graphic gothic and dark imagery (including guillotines, electric chairs, fake blood, boa constrictors and baby dolls) are part of the stage show is a born again Christian. And is a counselor for other rock musicians who want to quit drugs and alcohol. And has been married to his wife for 26 years. Here he says that 'romancing' your wife is the way to stay married. (HT: Challies)

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