Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Linkorama 22/9/10

HOW STRONG IS YOUR GRIP: Your grip strength may not have bothered you too much so far, but a recent metaanalysis of 33 studies recording physical capabilities published in the British Medical Journal says it may affect your life-span!! Among the interesting findings are that the death rate for people within the timeframe of the various studies was 1.67 times higher for people with the weakest grip strength, 2.87 times higher for the slowest walkers and nearly twice as high for people who were slowest to rise from their chair!! So I'm running to work today!!

AND WHAT ABOUT YOUR SOCIAL LIFE: Another metaanalysis suggests that with an adequate social relationships - family, friends and community involvement, were 50% less likely to die during the study period than those with sparse social support! And people with poor social support have a mortality risk equal to alcoholism and higher than obesity or physical inactivity. (HT: Freakonomics)

FRANCIS SCHAEFFER HAD SEVERE DYSLEXIA: In the context of yesterday's post on Temple Grandin, this article talks about the severe dyslexia of one of the leading evangelical philosophers of the 20th century, Francis Shaeffer, the founder of the L'Abri movement.

CHRISTIAN PIRACY: A good article on the Christian outlook to piracy in a world where the internet has made it a common and even acceptable practice. How many of us are going to burn our pirated CDs and delete those movies from our computers...

WANNA BE A PASTOR, ANYONE: A recent study has shown that the lowest salary for the lead pastor of a megachurch is $40,000. That's `18 lakh a year!! And it goes as high as $400,000. Read the article for the other interesting titbits about the money these servants of God draw in every year.

COMIC RELIEF: As you can see, I am an obedient husband and am following the order to include something light every day (though it's sometimes difficult!!). Today's lighter moment comes in the form of a song - I'm no kin to the monkey!! Enjoy! (HT: JNNPR)

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