Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Linkorama 7/9/10

THE CONFUSING REALITY OF DENOMINATIONAL CHRISTIANITY: I recently came across a post that I had great difficulty in understanding. Here is an excerpt - The school I attended was strongly dispensationalist in orientation. The only mentions of Reformed (or covenant) theology were negative in tone. Our school intentionally separated itself from “Calvinism” because we claimed to take the Bible literally, whereas Reformed theology spiritualized its plain teaching. After all, they believed in things like amillennialism and infant baptism, as well as the TULIP outline of salvation, which we thought went too far. Our church history education as well as our grasp on the history of interpretation was sorely lacking. You might say we were “Bible only” fundamentalists. I mean, give me a break - that was total Greek and Latin!! It's amazing how much of space in the Christian corner of the internet is dedicated to explaining in great detail the mistaken beliefs of other denominations! And even though I have googled these terms so many times, I often am still confused about the exact differences that are talked about in the cryptic terms that were exampled in the piece above!! For that matter, I really don't understand the difference between the main branches of the church in Kerala either! All I know, is that I should keep that fact that I am CSI (Church of South India) under wraps, as far as possible, as that is the lowest form of Christianity in Kerala!! For further research into Indian denominations, check out this Wikipedia link which lists 161 denominations!! In a country where Christians constitute only about 2% of the population!! Of course, that's nothing if you consider that there are more than 38,000 denominations world wide!! 'Nuf Sed!!


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FROM DESPERATION TO INSPIRATION: Leaving the morass of our divisive denominational Christianity behind, here are 2 videos that inspired me. The first one, a trailer for a book (ever heard of a book trailer before?!!) talks about the men (and women) our church needs today. The second one is a follow up to the video of Liu Wei. It tells the story of a family who chose to adopt a very special child as a response to their call to follow God.
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