Monday, September 13, 2010

Picture perfect - Mawphlang Dam

Yesterday Amy and I went to the Mawphlang dam, which is the main source of Shillong's water supply. We had gone there before, but the gatekeeper had told us we needed 'permission' and so we had given up! But a friend told us there was a small footpath along the boundary fence which led down to the water and so we decided to try again. Sure enough, there was a path leading down the mountain. As I have already mentioned, my adventurous spirit ends when climbs are involved, but fortunately, my wife is made of stronger stuff and on her persuasion, I agreed to risk the long walk down in spite of my fears of the even longer walk up!! Here is a zoomed in picture from the top - you can imagine what it was like looking up from the bottom - Everest seemed smaller!!
I will gloss over the walk back up - the less said, the better! However, as you can see, it was really worth it - and I would've have never undertaken this adventure (or ordeal - depending on how you look at it!!) had it not been for her command, sorry suggestion!! Yet another advantage of having Amy as my wife....
What a beautiful place to fish!!

At the top


  1. Nice pictures as usual.

    I used to quote the 'Pradeep corollary to Newton's third law' on such occasions:

    "Every Downhill has an equal and opposite Uphill!"

  2. Arpit' addendum to Pradeep's corollary to Newton's third law - Though the uphill is perceptually at least twice the downhill!!

  3. Thank you for those wonderful pictures. In the midst of such beauty, and with your spouse to climb it with you, the journey is always worthwhile. What about some history for Mawphlang Dam. Thanks again for the pictures

  4. another beautiful post.. i am loving ur blog too much.. i guess i have seen this too.. guess its not very far from umiam lake n can be seen from NH40.. we didnt stop in our way from guwahati to shillong so didnt take many pictures (i dislike taking pics from moving cars) but the memories of the place are fresh in my mind and will ever so be.. nice pics.. absolutely stunning.. meghalaya is heaven.. i have written one post on meghalaya, if ever u so wish, i can give u the link :)

  5. Thank you for your encouragement. Actually, this is not the same as the one on NH40 - which is the dam forming the Umiam lake. This is on the other side of Shillong on the way to Mawsynram. Will put up some pictures of the Umiam lake soon (God willing).