Saturday, September 25, 2010

Picture perfect - On the way to work

The walk to work every day is made special by the variety of sights that greet me every day. Every day is different, either because of the position of the clouds, the rain, or the sun. It's something I savour every morning. Some more beautiful scenes are here, my very first post of the hospital scenery with 'snow'.

Don't miss the rainbow
The view down the hill
From our back door

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  1. Your pictures reminded us of the wonderful view we had of the rainbow on the morning we set out for our outing when we were in Shillong. It was unbelievable, stretching right across the clear sky and I have a picture of Amy & Papa under the rainbow. Maybe the air is so pure there that the rainbow is so visible. God's sign in the sky that he cares for us!