Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pirates of Silicon Valley Linkorama

The story of the transformation of a sleepy, farming valley in California into the worldwide hub of technological research over the course of just a few decades has fascinated me ever since I watched the movie whose name I have borrowed for the title of this post. The term Silicon Valley was coined in 1971 by the editor of the Microelectric News and is a byword today for the technological revolution of the last 30 years. The many stories of risky entrepreneurship leading to wild success have made Silicon Valley a prime destination for electronics enthusiasts from all around the world. And even with doomsday prophets regularly announcing the collapse of the electronics boom, there is always a new product or idea that resurrects the industry and promises to change the world as we see it. But enough philosophising! Here are the links.

PIRATES OF SILICON VALLEY: The movie about the formation and early growth of the two most famous Silicon Valley start-ups and the men behind them. A movie that is worth watching just because you can see the reality that it portrays. Even Steve Wozniacki, the brains behind the initial Apple computers, who later left the company, agrees that the individual characters of the main protagonists Steve Jobs of Apple and Bill Gates of Microsoft have been accurately portrayed. It is certainly one of those bittersweet stories and the sometimes devious and cruel actions of these modern-day heroes are clearly portrayed without passing judgement. At the end, you are left wondering if it was all worthwhile - they certainly changed the world, but their means were not always above board. They achieved great wealth and fame, but at what cost to their own lives and character. Though it is easy to be jealous of their success or even to try and emulate it, the movie certainly leaves the door open for questioning if it was all worth it. Of course, Bill Gates now is systematically giving away large amounts of money to various charities which helps to offset the extremely poor light the movie portrays him in!! Steve Jobs, are you listening?!! Or for that matter Mukesh Ambani!! Watch the movie here.

WHO IS THE GREATEST - MICROSOFT OR APPLE: That's a no-brainer right? Has to be the company without whose software I wouldn't be typing this. But this article says that Apple has overtaken Microsoft as the most valuable tech company in the world. Well, who would've thought it!

HOW APPLE FOOLS YOU INTO BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS: This article describes how corporates, in this instance, Apple, fool you into buying their products. (HT: Freakonomics)

LEST YOU BE FOOLED: Guidelines for those of us who want to buy Apple's latest gizmo. (HT: Pradeep)

HOW APPLE PRODUCTS MAKE YOU A BETTER CHRISTIAN: Gimme a break!! Read this article for a laugh! (HT: Challies)

THE LAST WORD: I thought the last word in the Microsoft vs Apple debate should be had by Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft since 2000. Well, well, well!! (HT: Z)

P.S. Has Apple's logo - the apple with the bite taken out - ever reminded you of Eve!!!

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