Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thy Word

The combined effects of hospital and home work kept me away from the blog for the longest time yet since I started blogging regularly. Life is interesting and challenging and disciplines are what keep everything together. And I must confess my disciplines have been a tad wayward over the last few days - for many reasons, which I will, for now, leave unsaid. One of the first signals of impending danger in our life is the poor use of our leisure time. There is much entertainment to be had in our modern world and even the best forms, in anything but small and measured doses, can be detrimental to true inner peace. What our heart desires is what will occupy our leisure time and that declares to everyone the state of our soul. One of the things that I always remember about my father is that his leisure time (mainly on Saturday and Sunday afternoons) was spent, for the most part, with the Bible. It always made me wonder what he found so interesting in it, which I could never seem to find. I am beginning to understand now.

An animated discussion with a friend on a variety of topics kept me reading a lot on the internet over the last few days (whenever there was time!!) trying to understand certain grey areas of my own faith. Many of them are still grey(!!), but there has been revelation too. The biggest revelation is that there are huge gaps in my understanding of God and life and I realise that if I chose to turn a blind eye to them, my faith will be lopsided. As I read more and more, the passion and desire to explore further grows in me and I have found comfort and joy in the Scriptures. How wonderful to have God's own Word with us to read and meditate on. Nearly every time I read it I am amazed at every aspect of it. Even the literature - is there any other book in the world that is so intricately and profoundly written that it can leave you pondering for even a whole day over a single verse. Or one that reveals a new avenue of understanding with every reading...

I shudder to imagine the situation of Christians in the days before the free availability of the Bible and even today in places (few though they are) where the Bible is still not openly sold. What wealth was denied them.

Thank You for Your Word, it is truly a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. May I never take it lightly..... Or let it gather dust....


  1. Thanks for this meditation. May the Word guide our words.

  2. That beautiful verse in the middle of Psalm 119, gives us two dimensions of enlightenment. Walking on South Road we are glad for the road lights which show us the path and we need a torch to be sure we don't step on a creepy-crawly. Thank you for reminding us again about the lamp lighting the next step and the light throwing light on the path.