Wednesday, October 27, 2010

An eventful 20 days

When I put up my last post, I would never have imagined the next one would be coming 20 days later!! But that's what travelling and new experiences do to me - especially if a lot of the travel is in the second-class compartments of our beloved but unnerving railway system!! And also I realise that the frantic(!!) posting of the last 2 months was basically the outcome of the strict regimen that I had set myself in Shillong (lasting late into the night!!), which crumbled the moment I set my feet in home territory of Vellore!! I had thought that I would be putting up 3-4 posts a day(!!), but had not factored in my innate tendency to put my legs up, the moment they come in contact with the soil of Vellore!! So after completing a lot of the backed up reading of the last few months, I take my first steps back onto this blog - and they are difficult ones!! The first thing was to decide how to begin!! How to explain this long absence?! And apologise to the (very!!) few who have kept checking to see if there was something new!! Hope I have managed that satisfactorily!! So now comes the question - where do I begin to tell the story of the last 20 days. The exciting train journey, the inspiring EMFI conference, the moving alumni get-together in Satbarwa (my old hospital in Jharkhand) and the settling down to a new routine in Vellore. Fitting all this into a single post will be impossible. So I guess I'll keep returning to these over the next few days and fit in all I can remember. Right now, I gotta go to bed, as I have grandiose plans of an early morning start tomorrow!! I miss Shillong already - I don't know how I will be able to leave when the time comes. And I think a lot of my dear friend and colleague Dr. Lurstep Wanshnong, who is managing the surgical department single-handedly. And we do 15-20 major operations a week... He tells me that since I have left, he starts work at 6 AM and finishes at 11 PM..... On the good days.... Say a prayer for him if you remember.....


  1. welcome back Arpit. was wondering how many times I would have to look at the victorious Shillong Choir... Blessings in Jesus to you and Amy