Friday, October 1, 2010

Linkorama 1/10/10

Amy says I post a sight too many linkoramas, but some things are just too good not to share!! Here are a few links from the week gone by

THE MAVERICK: An update on my favourite missionary story - the Waodani (Aucas) of Ecuador. Steve Saint, the son of the pilot Nate Saint (one of the 5 men killed on Palm Beach), who has been actively involved with his father's killers throughout his life has developed a car that can fly!! This amazing contraption has been built to allow missionaries access to areas and people groups who remain unreached. (HT: Pradeep)

THE GRAND DESIGN: A review of the book by Stephen Hawking which has hit the top of the bestseller lists and has generated much controversy (even on this small blog!!)

THE TRUTH ABOUT THE TITANIC: For all you conspiracy theorists out there, here's one that you will love to sink your teeth into. The daughter of a crew member spills the beans at last on what caused the unsinkable ship to, well, sink on it's maiden voyage!! (HT: TW)

THE NEED FOR ADOPTION: Did you know that there are 25 million orphans in India? We have the highest number of orphans followed by China(17M), Nigeria (9.7M), Ethiopia (5M) and Bangladesh (5M). Maybe this is an issue our church should be actively looking at - adoption as a regular practice for all of us who want to follow God and not just for a select few. After all, widows and orphans are high on the list of the people we have been called to care for.... (HT: Z)

DADDY'S RULES FOR DATING HIS DAUGHTER: This post on a dad's rules for boys interested in dating his daughter is hilarious!! I guess I won't spoil them by posting any here!! (Also because I couldn't chose which ones to put up, they are all great!!). And here is an application form to be filled by all boys desirous of dating the afore-said daughter. I kinda like this dad!! And have a funny feeling I'm gonna be like him when the time comes!!

WHEN SHOULD WE TELL OUR KIDS ABOUT SEX: According to this counsellor, in the sex-saturated world we live in, we need to talk early, talk freely and talk often. (HT: TC)

THE PRAYING DOG: We are both dog-lovers so that explains the number of dog videos on the blog!! Enjoy. (HT: JNNPR)

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