Saturday, October 30, 2010

Linkorama 30/10/10

INDIA'S NOUVEAU RICH SEEK GOD: This article talks about the rising number of upper middle-class and rich Indians who are looking to religion to increase prosperity as well as bring peace. Isn't it amazing that we have the 'art of living' beautifully described in the Sermon on the Mount and yet run behind 'godmen' whose claims are often proved dubious in the long run.....(HT:IM)

THE APPLE STRATEGY: A good article on the Steve Jobs' strategy that made him cut the number of products the company offered from 350 to 10 in 1998 and focus the company on just a few high quality products, going against the accepted strategy of the time. The article ends, 'Do you have the guts to keep things simple? Steve Jobs does and it's been crucial to his success.'

60 YEARS OF PEANUTS: I recently found out that this October 2nd marked the 60th anniversary of the first Peanuts comic strip. It continued uninterrupted till Feruary 13th 2000, the day after it's writer and illustrator Charles M. Schultz died. The story of the ultimate 'loser', it has been an encouragement to many. This is the first strip ever.

picture of original Peanuts comic strip

THE FUTURE ZUBIN MEHTA DOING THE MAD CONDUCTOR ROUTINE: This young guy has some serious talent!! Wish he had brought along his handkerchief!! If you don't have 4 and a half minutes to have a good laugh, start from 1:50. I was waiting to see the finale and his bow, but the flying stick and the fall were much better!!(HT: Bib Christ)

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