Monday, November 1, 2010

Linkorama 1/11/10

THE DRIVERLESS CAR: Google is progressing rapidly from being just your favourite search engine. It's latest innovation that has been buzzing round the blogosphere is an automatic car - that's automatically driven! It has already been tested with good results over 140,000 miles on busy roads. Click on the pic to enlarge. (HT: SMMJ)

We have a new religion folks - if the main criterion for a religion is that there be a difference of opinion!! When 370 aethist leaders got together, they could not decide whether they should be 'fundamental' or 'liberal'! Sounds familiar?! To Christians?! (HT:IM)

FOR THE MATHEMATICALLY INCLINED: An interesting problem I came across - any takers with the solution? For the least math inclined, 8x8=64 and 13x5=65
picture of math puzzle

COMPETETIVE ADVERTISING: An interesting sequence of ads that reminds me of the Cola Wars of the 90s. Their order of appearance was from below upwards when Jet changed their uniforms! (HT: Freakonomics)


  1. Arpit - Re your math problem - its all in the details:

  2. That was quick Andi!! And your explanation is better than the one I had which was a tad confusing!! So thanks!! You always surprise me with the variety of your interests and involvements.