Monday, December 13, 2010

Linkorama 13/12/10

Amy is not a great fan of Linkoramas, so I have been holding back on them!! But today she's on duty, so I'll slip one in and hope she doesn't mind! Mainly because I want to share two other great articles I read today as well as a cool video.

A PASTOR'S GREATEST REGRET: This could be a regret for all of us, not just pastors, if we're not careful. How much time do we actually spend with our families/children? And when we do spend time with them, are we really present to them or are we present only physically.... Read this short but important article here.

THE REBEL JESUS: This article has some connection to my post on Saturday. And con't worry, it's not as controversial as the title suggests!! Just a good way to prepare our thoughts for the season.

WOMBS FOR RENT: I read this sometime back and thought I would share it when I got a chance. It's the story of the surrogacy business in Anand, Gujarat. Thought I'm sure the author was trying to be impartial, she ends up obviously conveying what she feels about this whole idea. Read it and see if you agree with me!

A COOL PRESENTATION: Goodbye powerpoint. This may be how classes are taken in the future! It also has some interesting information on global health and wealth.

(HT: TC)


  1. The article on surrogacy was an eyeopener, did not even know that such things are happening. People find such innovative ways of exploiting others, however it must have its good points.......
    Thank u for the link

  2. Thanks SH - Sorry, still trying to figure out your identity!!