Sunday, January 16, 2011

Linkorama 16/1/11

When I was 7 or 8 years old, my parents read us a Patricia St. John book about a child whose father was a missionary doctor and my fascination with missionaries began. Today's links all have a missionary connection - sometimes the things I read make me want to up and away to some jungle right now!! Fortunately, I have a sane wife who reminds me that serving God can happen right now, even where I am..... Something I often tend to forget.....

MARTYRED IN CHINA: Tim Challies tells the moving but little-known story of John and Betty Stam, who were martyred in China in the early part of this century. We all know the story of the 5 martyrs in Ecuador, but there must be so many more who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the service of their Lord whom we have not heard of. Surely their mansions in heaven will be no less glorious..... Here are Part 1 and Part 2 of the story of the Stams.

MODERN DAY MISSIONARY: I came across this blog of a missionary with the Africa Inland Mission through this story of a pastor in southern Sudan whose life is a true story of transformation. We all know of the unrest going on in East Africa, but I guess there are too many things going on in our own lives to really get involved. The number are unbelievable - 1 million dead in Rwanda, 2 million in Sudan, 5 million in Congo..... And these are just the conservative estimates. Not to mention the millions more scarred for life through loss of loved ones, belongings, homes...... Let us prayerfully uphold these fellow human-beings.... And be always open and ready to a call to be of practical service to them.....(HT:TC)

MISSION WHERE YOU ARE: Here is the story of a couple in Houston who have been feeding 60-120 homeless people for the last year or so. It is an inspiration to me, as I am again reminded that mission starts right from home and there are many people needing help in every place on this planet - whether in the deepest jungle or in the poshest city. Of course, this couple has come up against some official roadblocks (aren't we familiar with those in India!), but that does not retract from the example they are showing of being open to God's call to serve wherever you are and whatever you do. (Btw, the husband is a rapper...!) (HT: TC)

MY FAVOURITE MISSIONARY STORY: Well, one of my top 3 at least! The story of the first missionary doctor to leave the shores of the America. To go through estrangement from your family for your decision. The death of your only daughter soon after you land in the foreign land. The loss of your next two children to disease. Sending your first two children who survive back home for their studies on a ship in the care of the captain at the tender ages of 8 and 6! Making your first trip back home after 23 years (having never planned to return in the first place!). It is a true story of the call of God being greater than any human consideration. And the results are there for all to see. All his 9 children came back to India to serve as missionaries. In total, 42 members of 4 generations of the family devoted more than 1100 combined years of service to this land. Their contributions include the Madras Christian College, Voorhees College, many schools and medical institutes, the formation and growth of the Arcot church and, most importantly for me, the foundation of Christian Medical College, Vellore. The story of Dr. John Scudder and his descendants is an inspiration for us all.

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  1. Hi Amy and Arpit,

    i acnnot agree with you more on the seldlessness of the missionaries. I have been imparted my basic education in a missionary school in Shillong and I can vouch more than anyone else for the dedication and sense of sacrifice that these guys epitomise. Love it.