Thursday, January 27, 2011

Linkorama 27/1/11

TWIN BOYS MURDERED IN AUSTRALIA: A wave of shock and outrage has passed through the blogosphere with the news that twin boys were murdered in the womb in Australia after in-vitro fertilisation as the parents wanted a girl baby after having 3 boys. The pro-choice movement is strangely silent as they grope for a good response to this news. It is a bit ironical for us Indians, though, where exactly the opposite thing happens - it's the little girls who are murdered by doctors and parents who want a boy.

ISN'T THIS ABORTION: Another story doing the rounds on the pro-life blogs was that of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, a family practitioner in Philadelphia who conducted thousands of abortions over 20 years of practices. He has been arrested and charged with murder. His crime - delivering preterm babies alive and then killing them by cutting the spinal cord instead of the usual method of dismembering them in the womb thus killing them before birth. I find it difficult to believe that otherwise logical people can ever say this is different from abortion.......

INTERVIEW WITH BILLY GRAHAM: The best known evengelist of the 20th century talks about his life, aging, and his regrets for getting involved with politicians in this interview with Christianity Today.

DEATH OF FACEBOOK: This blogger predicts the death of facebook just like all other previous social networking endeavours. Not in the near future anyway considering these figures! (HT: Challies)

FUNNY OR NOT - YOU DECIDE: I usually do not post this sort of stuff, but this one was too innovative to leave out. I thought it was funny, but if there are any out there who are offended, I do apologise. (HT: Vit Z)

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