Saturday, January 29, 2011

Linkorama 29/1/11

We had a great (though tiring for me!) drive to Tezpur and a warm welcome here by Ashita and kids. Dinner with Koshy, Lydia and Joel. It's great to be with friends like this! Our conversation flowed late into the night though we were all tired and though we have to get up really early to keep our date with the rhinos of Kaziranga! Writing a post now would require a superhuman effort, which I think is beyond me so it's only links today.

FACEBOOK FRIENDS MAY NOT BE TRUE ONES: Here is the shocking story of Simone Back who posted about her upcoming suicide only to find that her friends did not believe her and in fact, even taunted her. And some of those friends actually lived close to her house. If only they had got up off their computers and gone to check on her, she may have been alive today....

ELECTRONIC PICKPOCETTING: In years to come as paper money begins to disappear in favour of the card variety (credit and debit!), thieves will still find innovative ways to get at our money. This may be one of them. All those with credit cards really need to see this.

TREE OF LIFE: Here is an article with some pictures of the 'tree of life', a tree in Bahrain that is making everyone break their head as to how it still survives! (HT:Challies)

IDEAL JOB?: This job where you are paid to play with Lego bricks the whole day is right up there on the list! (HT: Bib Christ)

TRICK SHOT SPECIALIST: Some of these shots are just unbelievable. Must watch, even for non sports fans for it's amazing final shot. (HT: Vit Z)

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