Monday, January 31, 2011

Linkorama 31/1/11

Back to work and I am on duty this week. Which is not good news for the blog! I should probably put up a poll - will Arpit manage to discipline himself to write regularly this week or not!! Today's links are varied.

THE IIT-ian WITH A DIFFERENCE: Every year, hundreds of India's brightest minds pass out of IIT and join big companies. Here is the inspiring story of Naga Naresh Karuturi, whose parents both cannot read and write. As if that was not enough of baggage to carry for a brilliant young man, he had an accident in childhood and thanks to the medical profession, lost both his legs. It is terrible to hear how, thanks to the negligence of the doctors, just a few scratches turned into gangrene. But it is inspiring to see how his severe physical difficulties never prevented him from aspiring to and reaching his goals - which were higher than most of us who are able-bodied. One of the inspiring stories for our times. I look to hear more from Naresh in the years to come. (HT:Venkybala).

CHINA IS ONE STEP AHEAD: Recently, there has been some heat generated by the piece played by Chinese pianist Lang Lang at the reception hosted by Barack Obama for Hu Jintao (hope you know who they are!!). This smart-alec played a song from a famous Chinese movie about the Korean War which runs down Americans, their army and is regularly used for anti-American propoganda byr the Chinese Communist Party! Here is a letter by one of the leaders of the Chinese democratic movement-in-exile, Wang Jingsheng.

APPLE'S NEXT GADGET - iBANK: This article talks of a new gadget that may be a reality in the near future. One which allows you to use your Apple device as a credit card! I got the gist, but didn't really understand the details!) (HT: Challies)

THE SLICK LIMERICK BATTLE: I don't know if you can get to this facebook page, but if you can, you will find a really interesting limerick battle going on. Some amazing creativity (as well as some junk!!) can be found. (Yours truly got a few words in edgewise, somewhere in the middle!). If any of you are interested in joining in/ can't get access, please let me know and I will try to ease things out! If you don't have a facebook id, while I can't help you, I certainly do admire you!!

TIGER ATTACK: SPOILER ALERT!!!!! Today's main post is going to be about the tiger we saw at Kaziranga. That is of course, if my night rounds are problem-free enough for me to actually get back in time to do some writing! I am glad what happened in this video did not happen during our trip! Though it may have been the same tiger - we were in the same park and I think in the same vicinity as well!! Fortunately the injured man survived with just the loss of some fingers. But what a majestic leap it was! (2:47 onwards)

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