Monday, February 28, 2011

Disclaimer Post!

Over the last few days of reading 3 biographies, a lot of Henri Nouwen and the Beatitudes, it occurred to me (among many other things) that I need to make a disclaimer on the blog. So here it is. I realise that I have been writing about a number of issues that have two opposite points of view as well as many shades of grey in between. My opinions on these matters are my own, given my limited experience of life. They generally stem from my understanding of myself and my relationship with God. Being very much a fledgling relationship, with many miles to go, there may be some areas where I am wrong. There may be some areas where I am on a tangent. There may be some things I say which sound ridiculous or crazy. And sometimes I may have sounded like I know it all - which is hardly the case! So, if anyone disagrees with my point of view, please do let me know - it may help me to better understand the situation and possibly change my view. This life is after all a short one. And I hope to live it to the fullest, God giving the grace. And to do that, I feel I need to wrestle with these issues and make my stand. As otherwise, life may pass by in a meaningless daze - I may taste the crust of the pie but miss the substance of it which lies within. And before I close, a special thanks to all of you who interact with me on the blog - you guys make my day!


  1. what or who prompted you for this disclaimer i dont't know....
    but one thing is for sure that ur write ups are just fabulous, and its very clear from the stuff you are posting here, that you are a guy who read a lot before writing.. and your frequency of posting stuff here is so fast that sometimes i fail to come over here to read with the same frequency....
    i wish you continue with the same tempo even after ur busy schedule( as u had said in one of ur post)...

    Best wishes,

  2. what hubris (new word i learned)

  3. Thanks Irfan! And it's likely the output will fall off again once I get back to work!!
    And Mo - as I said - no hubris intended!!!