Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dr. Aravindan Nair's speech at the surgery farewell

Here is Dr. Nair's moving speech at the department farewell in 3 parts. Well worth the watch, even for those who don't know him. What a privilege to know a great man like him. Thanks to Partho Mukherjee for recording it and putting it up.


  1. Thanks to Partho and Arpit that I can listen to Sir's words. I am so lucky and privileged to have been personally taught and worked as an intern under Sir. His words invoke such feelings and ideals that are beyond description; I wish I can be one-tenth of my mentor. Thank you Sir for everything, and I hope you have a very good and happy days ahead.

  2. Christina James IrwinFebruary 28, 2011 at 2:55 PM

    Thanx Arpit for posting Dr Arvindans speech at his felicitation.
    Enjoyed listening to him and felt very nostalgic.
    I am really privileged to have known him as a teacher then a friend. I was his intern in Dr Fenns unit - he was an example to us thru his actions.
    Gem of a person - competent,kind,loving and above all humble.
    Wishing him and his family -all the very best.God Bless
    Christina James Irwin
    Batch of 1978
    Was Consultant in RMU at CMCH -till 2003

  3. to someone like me who has only ever seen sir as one the 'great's of the institution, it's difficult to imagine him as a 'boy' who came to CMC with dreams and wonder in his eyes. i always imagined him as having sprung magically from the ground- fully formed, skillful, wise and wonderful; with gentleness in his manner, kindness in his eyes, and unbending strength in his stride.
    Justin James

  4. Thanks Arpit & Partho for the post, That was a fantastic story told by a living legend himself, good to hear his struggles and the opportunities he was given by the People-Institution. I guess the common thread thro his talk was commitment and pray all would imbibe and not revel in his glory.

  5. I am one of his patient. To me he is an angel of God..who give me a new life..I can remember a quote by the founder of CMC during its making..'what you are making here is not only a hospital,you are making the kingdom of God..'a place where humanity is still present,a place where every single prayer is fulfilled. .a place where all the sorrows are turned into joy....that is CMC....The kingdom of God...and Dr.Nair sir and many others are doing to fulfil the needs of the sufferers just like me...thanks to almighty..thanks to all