Monday, February 21, 2011

Linkorama 21/2/11

I wasn't planning to post a linkorama today until I saw the video of the camp in Ladakh which I knew  had to go up. So then I had to find some links to go with it!! I haven't caught up with my reading yet (478 unread items in my reader and counting!) and I deleted all my saved up stuff in one fell swoop of spring cleaning, but the internet never ceases to amaze at the content there is, if you only look! After I finished I realised that the video that began the post needed to have it's own space! So I had to trawl for another video! A truly random linko!!

ANDI'S MILLENIAL POST: Andi and Sheba Eicher's blog was one of the inspirations for this one. (The others were Tarun's and Pradeep's). Andi just posted his 1000th post! At the rate of approximately 2 posts every 3 days! Congrats Andi, and thanks for the regular dose of inspiration that reminds us of the realities of this world and the possibilities that abound for a practical response.

MARRIAGE LESSONS: One of my most popular posts was on light-hearted marriage tips. Here's another post in a similar vein from Zach Nielson.

WOULDN'T YOU LIKE TO BE THIS DOG?!! You just can't make this stuff up!! (HT: TC)

ALL THE WORLD'S INFORMATION: This article describes a study which seeks to quantify our world's technological capacity - the amount of information that we can store, compute and communicate. While the estimate they make after their caculation is that it is 315 times the number of grains of sand in the worlds, it is still less than one percent of the information stored in all the DNA of a human. The conclusion - Compared to nature, we are but humble apprentices. However, while the natural world is mind-boggling in its size, it remains fairly constant. In contrast, the world's technological information processing capacities are growing at exponential rates. Read into that what you will....... (HT: Challies)

A MOVING STORY FROM AMERICAN IDOL: Don't we love stories like this? Reality TV loves them too.

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