Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Linkorama 22/2/11

Most of my reading nowadays is on the internet, as finding time to snuggle up with a good book is often a luxury. A luxury I am enjoying right now for a few days in Pondicherry. Among the books I am reading are The 7 habits of highly effective people - Stephen Covey(again!), Rich Dad, Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki, Desmond Tutu - Steven Gish and The Road to Daybreak - Henri Nouwen. And for comic relief, there are a whole lot of the books of my younger days here at home which I can leaf through at speed, reliving the many happy hours I spent with them. I am also conducting a series of interviews with my parents to hear the details of their amazing lives - something I have been hoping to do for a long time and am glad I have finally found the time for. In my spare time(!), I am catching up on my internet reading as well! Here are today's links!

INDIANS ARE GETTING THINNER: A study from Lancet which compared the body mass index of men around the world concluded that obesity was a rich-world phenomenon in 1980. By 2008 the rich world had itself expanded, bringing obesity to groups within countries that were previously considered poor. However, interestingly, for all its dynamism since India opened up its economy in 1990, its men have on average become even thinner. Maybe it's thanks to all the running around we have to do to get the money!!

TOP SCIENCE PICS OF 2010: Wondered what the HIV virus looked like close-up? Want to see an alien-like bacteriophage attacking a bacterium? Here are the top science images from 2010 courtesy National Geographic. (HT: Challies)

EPIDEMIC OF MARITAL LAZINESS: A short excerpt from a book by Paul Tripp which talks about the danger of marital passivity. Quote of the day - a good marriage is not a mysterious gift. No, it is, rather, a set of commit- ments that forges itself into a moment-by-moment lifestyle.

WEDDING MARCH: I came across this video when planning my brother's wedding. Wish I had seen it before mine - though my bride may have changed her mind had I suggested doing it!! It was a spur-of-the-moment thing according to the couple and after it went viral 2 years ago, they have used the popularity for some charity work. Check out their website here.

AND WHILE ON THE TOPIC OF UNFORGETTABLE WEDDINGS: A fun cartoon to close with! Click on the cartoon to enlarge (HT: Doghouse)


  1. I don't know who started the trend but whoever did the first 'funny' wedding dance spawned a whole slew of these dances. The first one that I ever saw was the classic "Baby Got Back" dance which I daresay was one of the earliest ones. You can watch it at


    I also found a really cute video which isn't really a dance so much as a little skit that the happy couple put together for their wedding.


    I really admire these people for being so bold and for having the pluck to do something like this - it does make their magical day more memorable to themselves and to all their guests.

    Sorry about the links, there is no option to create hyperlinks in the comments section. Feel free to repost if you like.

    - The Black Mamba

  2. great links!

    My uncle once made a couple of videos on my grandparents. It's up on my father's youtube.
    I have watched that wedding march video at least ten times so far. I wished I had seen that before my wedding too. But there was no way I could have done it in a Marthoma ceremony!! I did make a face at the photographer for one funny picture that never made it to my album !!

  3. Thanks for the links TBM - they are funny, though a little risque!! And sorry for the difficulty to hyperlink - my knowledge of this medium only goes so far! I have tried before, but failed. And Deepa, I guess we are all in the same boat - we would have loved to do something like this at our wedding, but the circumstances prevented it! (Or at least, that's our excuse!!