Thursday, February 24, 2011

Linkorama 24/2/11

Thanks for all your responses to the post about Dr. Aravindan Nair here and on Facebook. They will all be compiled and presented to Dr. Nair at the time of his retirement (in 2 weeks). So that gives those of you who are still considering it enough time! On to today's links.

THE JOY OF READING...... A BOOK: I now realise how much I missed the joy of reading a book. It's been ages since I sat and finished a book from cover to cover in one sitting, sometimes missing sleep and food to do so. And especially since most of my reading shifted to the digital world, I had forgotten the pure joy of curling up in bed with a good book and nothing to disturb you. So 3 and a half books down the line, I am finding it difficult to tear myself away to get onto the computer! That's a new feeling - it's usually the other way around! This article encapsulates some of those feelings. 
It’s been a long time since I was truly lost in a book. I wonder how much of that is due to my fractured attention span (which everyone seems to want to blame), or the fact that I’m not able to immerse myself in the screen of my iPad like I could in the pages of a book.
TIPS TO MINIMISE DISTRACTIONS: I guess we know a lot of the things mentioned here, but its good to be reminded of them every now and again. Especially as they are often easier said than done! Some of the suggested ways to stop being a magnet for interruptions are
Task hours - when no-one can disturb you
The critical 2 - the two most important things to do that day
Protect your priorities
Don't be a fixer - just say 'no' instead of trying to be nice
Communicate limited availability - don't be shy to say you're busy
Avoid the Siren Song of email and the internet
THE HENRY FORD OF HEART SURGERY IN INDIA: This article recounts an interview with Dr. Devi Shetty of Narayana Hrudayalaya. His innovative ideas to reduce the cost of heart surgery in our country and make it accessible to the poor are a reminder that there are many ways to creatively utilise our time, resources and training for the benefit of others.

HUGS INDIA: In the same vein, some of my friends from Chennai have found their own innovative way of being involved in the lives of people from different and more difficult backgrounds. They founded an organisation that aspires for social change by individual action. This is a post on their latest activity - taking some children from the Royapuram Boys Home to the planetarium. Looks like it was great fun. Way to go - Karthik, Renita and team! Yours is an example we can all emulate.

SPEAKING OF INNOVATION: Here's a piece from my favourite cartoon. Trust Calvin to think outside the box!!

INNOVATION IN ACTION: I've done hundreds of bone marrow aspirations during my life. Even thout they were just diagnostic and not for transplantation, the thing I remember most about them was the pain involved - during and especially after the procedure. But I just accepted that as the way it was. Here is someone who didn't - which led him to invent the Marrow Miner - a device for bone marrow aspiration that greatly reduces the pain of the donor.

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