Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Sign Post 23/2/11

I am constantly reminded by my dear wife of the need to keep this blog light. So here are a few more signs gathered from hither and tither on the internet that will hopefully brighten up your day.

Wonder where this one came from... But then, I guess it would be apt anywhere - which native have you known who had the same habits/dress/customs as a tourist......

Talk about stating the obvious......
Thank you for pointing it out. I think.
Don't worry, I'll be very discriminate?

Irony (HT: Z)

Thieves at church? (This and the rest are from IVMan)
picture of funny foreign sign

Appreciate the concern
picture of funny foreign sign

Apologies for the convenience, overlook the inconvenience
picture of funny foreign sign

And finally...... I guess this one is  more effective than just 'Wet Floor' or 'Work in progress'
picture of funny foreign sign


  1. Reminds me of the time when I was passing by a church, and happened to see a billboard which made me do a double take. After scratching my head for a moment, I realized that the church wasn't turning it's members into a sun-worshiping cult; 'Sun Worship' was supposed to mean 'Sunday Worship'...

  2. Thanks to TBM, the next sign post will be on church signs hopefully:-)