Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Sign Post - Toilet Humour

I think if I find enough signs, I'll make this a weekly feature to brighten up the week-end. It's interesting that the number of readers of this blog drops over the weekend. That makes me assume that many of you are reading this at work! That works too - this post will hopefully brighten up a Monday morning! On to the signs - and my apologies in advance. Today is all about toilet humour!

Some people try to be innovative when it comes to notices for the toilet

This one came from a science fiction museum...... obviously! (HT:Ivman)
picture of funny sign

And does anyone know the way to the car poo lane!
Toilet Stay in Your Car

Once you get inside the humour takes a more morbid turn. Some signs came very close to being censored in this section! The first one reminds me of a joke about the heights of patriotism!
too funny
Don't Pee on FloorWhat were they thinking?

And in the toilet you do .......... what?!!
funny sign inside the Loo

Finally a sign for a pool, but it makes this post for obvious reasons!

P.S. If anyone's sensibilities were hurt by this post, my sincere apologies. I know I am flirting with the fine line between decency and otherwise.....! But I couldn't help it! Hope you had a laugh at least!!


  1. ha haaaa..... Lols.....

    "do not stand on the toilet seat......".... very true..... we indians feel very comfortable doing that.....

    BTW do they really keep their BEER into that....:P

  2. Ewwww....! Beer in the cistern???!! One more reason not to drink with strangers. :D