Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What can we do?

Recently a respected senior read through my blog (after many desperate pleas on my part!!) and told me that while bringing up issues (like I do), I also need to provide some solutions. Otherwise there is no real point! Which I totally agree with. So, here is the story of a friend of mine who is making a difference in his own way through medical work. This was something I had brought up many times - how we doctors often forget why we joined our profession in the search of personal comfort. This story is of a young man who takes health care to some of the most treacherous places of the world - on foot. His clinic is accessed after 2 days of trekking through conditions that would daunt most of us. And the best part comes at the end of the journal - his thoughts are all of satisfaction and happiness. In all of our lives, there are opportunities that come where we can take the road less traveled to make a difference in someone else's life. If we decide to do that after we take care of our own needs, it is possible that since our list of needs is never-ending, we will remain (possibly forever) too pre-occupied taking care of them and forget the suffering humanity around us. The time is now - and for however long we are given the strength. May God bless Norden (and the many others who look beyond their own comforts) and may his small example inspire more of us to do something out of the ordinary.