Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Linkorama 2/3/11

My break is over and we travel back to our home in Shillong tomorrow. This has been a great week - especially because of all I have read and the wonderful talks I have had with my parents. I also did some semi-serious writing on the blog  - which means I actually did some research and didn't just put down my flights of fancy! But judging by the readership, my flights of fancy were more interesting!!So much for my hubris!! Well, anyway, on to the links!

CMC LUDHIANA WINS ALL-INDIA DEBATE COMPETITION: A 3-member team from CMC Ludhiana won an all-India debate competition. And in the final, they beat 2 teams of lawyers!! That speaks volumes for the intrepid debaters from CMC, though not much for the next generation of lawyers in our country!! Congrats guys!! Keep up the good work!!

DHONI AND TIED GAMES: I asked the question in a previous post if Dhoni's streak was over after the tied game with England. Well, apparently there is room for hope! It appears that Dhoni has captained his team in tied matches 3 times - India once in the T20 World Cup and Chennai Super Kings twice in IPL 2010 and the Champions League 2010. And all three times, his team has won the tournament! Well, here's hoping history repeats itself!! Read about it here.

STRENGTH-BASED LEADERS: A new book suggests that successful leaders are not those who identify their weaknesses and work on them, but rather, those who identify their strengths and work on improving on them. They depute the things they are not so good at to others who are skilled in those areas. An interesting concept for sure. Here is an article which transcribes an interview with the authors where they talk about this idea.

TODAY'S COMIC STRIP: When one does not know what to is the time to remain silent!!(HT: Doghouse)
Dinner Plans

THIS IS THE WAY TO DO IT: Proof that silence is often the best response!!!


  1. Wow! Absolutely loved the video! Great post:)

  2. You are right. Silence is truly golden at times. It can save you the blushes as well as the rushes (of blood). Nice links as well.

  3. Thanks! Btw, the line I quoted is from the play - King and I, one of my favourites!