Saturday, March 5, 2011

Linkorama 4/3/11

Back to work again. And back to the late nights on the blog! I wasn't planning to post a linko tonight, but then some links jumped up and asked to be posted! So though one of my renewed New Year resolutions (starting March 1st) was to sleep and get up early, I will make an exception today! About the renewed New Year resolutions - one of my New Year resolutions was to review all my New Year resolutions every 3rd month. I have to admit it is the only resolution I have kept so far!! Well, on to the links.

THE TONE OF A BLOG: Very interesting that I came across this post so soon after my disclaimer post. But then, reviewing some of the discussions that have gone quite deep and for quite long (like this one), I think we have been managing pretty ok!! Of course, I heard recently that some of my friends had put up a private facebook page where among other things, this blog was a hot topic of ridicule!! Ah well, what I can't see can't trouble me I guess!! But comments are open guys - if you wanna say something, go ahead. Judging from the experience so far, it's unlikely that I will take umbrage at anything you may throw at me. In fact, our discussions may even lead to closer friendships, as at least one of my readers is sure to agree! 

WHAT OUR CHILDREN SEE IN US: This post speaks about the need to show our children what we believe by our reaction to everyday events. This is something I have always thought and prayed for our family. The only people who will see if you live your faith out honestly are your spouse and children. You can pull the blinders over everyone else. But your children will know the truth. A sobering thought...... Read the post - it speaks of an important truth in a humorous way!

IS IT COOL TO BE UNFASHIONABLE: My friend Dhiraj posted this short but interesting post some time ago, but it got lost in one of my deleted posts during a spring-cleaning session and I only just remembered it. My favourite quote - The unfashionable person dares to be different by being stuck to what he likes. He might be frozen in fashion of a bygone era or he might be failed trendsetter whose style did not take off. Well, all I can say is, I hope my style takes off!! Read the rest of the post - there are a few more gems there!

THE BOOK SURGEON: This was rather interesting - yet another of the innovative ideas that make us human. (HT: Challies)

CALVIN ON CREATIVITY: My favourite innovator has some ideas on creativity that I totally agree with..... if only because it's just the way I work!!

AND SPEAKING OF CREATIVITY: This guy is on a different level altogether. Inspired anyone?!!

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  1. Ha ha ha... had to laugh out loud at the cartoon...

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