Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wedding special

This week's weekend funny special is all about weddings. I posted the viral video of the bridal march a few days ago and got some follow up links. Thanks TBM!. And as I checked them out  I came across some hilarious stuff that I thought I should share. Here are some of the best bits. Have a good weekend! To begin, a joke to get you in the mood!

Little boy whispering to his mom during a wedding
Boy: "Mommy?"
Mom: "What?"
Boy: "Why is the girl dressed in white?"
Mom: "Because this is the happiest day of her life."
Boy: "... so why is the boy dressed in black?"

WEDDING VOW DISASTER: I guess this is something that is not as uncommon as you think! What a way to let out the tension! The bride obviously was quite pent up!!

ARE THEY FAINTING BECAUSE OF TIREDNESS, STRESS OR PURE MORTAL TERROR!!: And isn't it interesting that it is mainly the guys who are doing the fainting!!


AND FINALLY: I wonder if the bride ever talked to the poor bloke on best man duty again!! One of those clips you can watch a 100 times and still keep on laughing! And there is some conjecture on whether or not he was distracted when called on to present the rings - what do you think!!


  1. The fainting video was hilarious!!! At our wedding Ashwin's mundu came off! But only our best man and I saw what happened and he managed to fix it in time. I still have no idea how I didnt burst out laughing.

  2. Wow! That would certainly merit a place in this post!!! Do you by any chance have it on camera!! One of the reasons I didn't wear a mundu for my wedding was to prevent mishaps like this! But good for all of you that you managed to keep going! You still have a story without the embarrassment!