Saturday, March 12, 2011

When working is fun!

As I expected, getting back to work took me away from the blog completely! I knew that I would be quite occupied, but had not expected it to be so tight! Leaving home every day at half past 7 and coming back after 10 pm were not what I expected to ever happen at the same time last year when we were swatting flies in the doctor's duty room while the operation theatre was being renovated! But though the week has been filled with sick patients, difficult procedures and late night visits to the ward, I realise that I do not feel as tired or overwrought as I would have expected given my lazy bent of mind. And that possibly is because the feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day outweighs any other negative feeling that my pessimistic mind would prefer to entertain. And I hope that wherever I am and whatever I do, I will find a similar sense of fulfillment that will make all worthwhile. 

My apologies to those of you who visit regularly. But judging from the experience of the last 6 months, a period of silence is often followed by one of intense activity!! So lets see what happens! Stay tuned........


  1. well... the profession you are in requires a lot of commitment.... and seems you are doing it honestly....

    so keep on with same dedication and do spare time in between to blogs, for a change at least...

    Best wishes,

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