Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Is it a Hilarius story or a Boring one?

Seeing as I am the lone surgeon in the hospital for some time, with my colleague Dr. Lurstep taking a well-deserved break after all my gallivanting, I realise there will be not much time to go on and on as I usually do on a post. So this is just to share with you one of the incidents that made my long and slightly stressful day easier to bear. I was seeing out-patients with Dr. Mohan Mathew John, a dear friend from college. Things were going on just like any normal OPD when I saw him do a double-take right after I had called out the name of a patient. Having been in Shillong for 2 years, I am now quite used to some interesting names that some of our patients have been christened with! In respect their owners, I will not recall any here, but suffice to say, that there are some extreme examples of strange names! So when I saw the name of the patient I had just called upon, I realised it was funny all right, but nowhere near some of the examples I had come across over the two years! Hilarius S.... I smiled to myself for a brief second and then got back to the business at hand. But when I called the next patient, I had to stop and laugh for a bit at the irony of the situation! For his name was Boring S...!!!


  1. Now, without you giving out on the name, it is hard to imagine what it could have been. But I guess I get it!

    Funny indeed.

  2. And until now, I thought Mallus had the funniest names - what with Bibi,bobi, sissi, mini, tintu, mintu... Hilarious... ha ha!

    There's a head nurse in ODC called Rubella!

  3. well you have names like "Maruti" because the babay was born in a maruti have "Assistant" because the mother used to assist some one when she was carrying the child....and you also have "Governmen" because the father of the child was the first member in the family to have a government job......but for me the name "street hawk " steals the cake....this was a serial shown on Btv at one time. The mother used to love this serial , so when her child was born thankfully it was a male child and he was baptised Street Hawk......and am not joking. all this i came across during my years of posting in the rural areas...there are lots more names which are truely Hilarius !!!

  4. You're not making this up, right? :)

  5. Rubella is a lovely name for a girl - if the disease hadn't been named so first. And personally, I would have loved it if I were named Street Hawk. That sounds so cool! Would have done wonders for my street cred.

    - The Black Mamba

  6. Thanks for all the funny stuff - I had certainly forgotten some of the good old Mallu names!! I am just about keeping myself from starting off on some of the Hilarius names I have come across here - then you will surely doubt my veracity!! But just to whet the appetite, one of my top 5 Shillong names is Toilet!! I kid you not!!

  7. Hi Arpit, ur today's blog reminds me my fair share of funny hysterical crazy names in shillong.
    1.Anesthesia(nickname Anes)
    2.Enal (pronunced with a A)
    3.Guiding star
    7.Last but not the least 'Hopingstone' - a prominent politician in shillong.
    Well the list can be really long.........and i have met these people personally in hospital or OPD. Rather i would say i treated few of them. And andrew's fav joke about family planning : A couple had 6 kids,named the last one 'Enough', but had a 7th kid and named the child 'More than enough',the 8th kid was called 'complete' as they got a tubectomy.
    P.S.I am serious these are real names and few i came across are not worth mentioning here.

    tc, anamika