Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Linkorama 19/4/11

One of the results of my re-prioritisation was a decision to reduce the number of Linkos. But sometimes, there's a link or two that I just have to share and then there will always be a few more to fill it up. So here are today's links.

PANTRY-CAR HERO: Here's the story of Mr. Pawan Kumar whose presence of mind in a crisis saved the lives of many members of the Rajdhani Express from Mumbai which caught fire early on Monday morning. Considering all I have seen on my recent train journeys, it's amazing that there were no casualties.

ONE-LEGGED WRESTLING CHAMP: This is one of the most inspiring stories I have yet come across. Anthony Robles, who was born without one leg recently won the US National College College wrestling championship in his weight class. This young man has proved yet again that there are no real barriers to reach our dreams. (HT: Vit Z)

MORE ON THE TIGER MOTHER: The story of Amy Chua and her strong views on parenting has created much controversy. Here is a review of her book by Albert Mohler in which he says that while Christians should share some of her concerns on the prevalent style of parenting in the West, it is her goals that are questionable. Should we aim to make our children merely 'achievers' of high grades, degrees and musical expertise or should we be parenting our children for 'deployment in the Kingdom of God. A good review and view-point.

WHY GOD CREATED ALLERGIES: I just spent the whole day in theatre sneezing and wheezing away - something that always happens to me after a journey. Today it was so bad that my mask kept filling up and dripping secretions onto my gown!! Hope my patients don't catch anything!! This is a tongue-in-cheek offering by a fellow-sufferer who wonders why God created allergies!!

WINDOWS IN DANGER: This article talks about the way the iPad is eating into the PC market. I haven't held one in my hands yet, but I've seen quite a few being used. The last one I saw was in the hands of a friend's daughter - all of nine years old!! I guess I'm just behind the times!! (And also, I haven't stumbled across a gold mine yet!!)

DAILY DOSE OF CALVIN: Speaking of parenting, my appreciation of Calvin's Dad continues!!

TODAY'S VIDEO: I was keeping this video for a post on marriage, but it's been waiting too long! Enjoy!! (HT: Pradeep)

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