Friday, May 20, 2011

These amazing kids!

When I saw this video, I was not sure whether to be impressed or scared! Can talent manifest at such a young age? Or is it just the regimented training programme these kids (supposedly from North Korea) must have gone through that has made them so good! Chalk up one more point for the Tiger Mother!! (HT: Z)

And if you thought those kindergartners were good, check out these kids. They are a deal older and their improvisation is a testament to their unbelievable talent. I guess bluegrass music runs in the blood..... Which is why most bluegrass music groups are family affairs.....(HT: Z)

P.S. Now that I have stopped working and am supposed to be packing, I keep drifting back to my RSS reader where there are more than 1000 unread posts! So there may be a few more of these random posts till I leave for my long month of travelling!!

P.P.S Yes, sad to say, there's more travelling!!

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