Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wedding proposals!

Somehow though I promised myself to stay away from the blog till I had left Shillong, it keeps drawing me back!! Today, I saw a wedding proposal video that I had to share - this guy made his wife-to-be feel oh-so-special. That's what I realised at the end of it. I need to look for ways to make my dearest feel special everyday..... that's sometimes a tough ask in the midst of all the activities of daily living(!), but well worth the effort...... (HT: DB)

And on the subject of proposals, I'm sure there are many good ones on the net, but this one from a friend of mine was also something special. Different...... but very special!!

Geeky Surprise Proposal : The Gecko & The Mouse from Arpit Jacob on Vimeo.
I'm a little too embarrassed about my proposal, though I did put in my two annas worth to make it special!! So I'll leave it at that for now!! Maybe when I get to know you a little better......!!

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  1. WOW! The first one blew me away, and the second, well....I don;t know the couple but I happen to know 2 others in the video and knowing Athu, she could do this and more!