Monday, May 2, 2011

With blessings to William and Kate

For 3 days in the operation theatre, the TV was continuously blaring out the intricate details of the 'Royal' Wedding. This bothered me to some extent as my usual practice of catching an over or two of the IPL between cases was disrupted! I usually play the alpha male and change the channel to the cricket, but this time, I was completely outmatched, both in seniority and in number!! And so I was forced to listen to a varied array of newscasters and 'celebrities' giving their 'insights' into the marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton. I guess before the start of all the hullabaloo, I was equivocal to the whole thing - a live and let live policy. So if 2 billion people wanted to watch a church service and all the various aspects connected with it, good for them!! But after 3 days of continuous bombardment, the rational part of my brain began to take slight umbrage at this nonsensical assault (or rather, assault of nonsense!). And I was amazed that more than a quarter of the earth's population was taken in by this massive reality show - so much so that some travelled across the world, others woke up at unearthly hours and (closer to home), staff of the hospital stayed back from work just to watch the goings-on in Westminster Abbey! I know that watching the cricket World Cup generated similar frenzy, but then, at least there was an element of patriotism and national pride thrown into the mix. I guess it was just pure entertainment - the word 'royal' seems to elicit a modicum of romance in our nature that excites us for some unknown reason. In fact, 2 IPL teams have the word 'royal' in their name and 2 others have the word 'king'!!

I mean no disrespect to the couple. I pray that God will bless them in their life together and enable them to use their immense popularity and stature to benefit the people of their country and the world. And I hear that inspite of all the pomp and show, they were able to convey an element of humanity and simplicity through their appearance and behaviour, which is a great start. In fact, I do feel a little sorry for them. They seem to be just another young couple looking for love and happiness together, but unfortunately, their whole lives in the future will be under terrible scrutiny - if for nothing else, to see if the 40 million pounds of taxpayers money and the immense amount of goodwill showered on them by the citizens of the world will be worth it after all. And as we have seen in the past, that kind of pressure can sometimes be counter-productive. If anything, they need our prayers....

Entertainment is generally a good thing. And if their wedding brought happiness, however short-lived, to 2 billion people, then I guess that William and Kate have done more than most of us will ever do in our lifetime! But there is a tinge of concern that rises within me. Have we misplaced our values and sense of proportion slightly in this media-driven world. Where our greatest entertainment comes from following closely and sometimes even aping the activities and lives of modern-day 'celebrities'. Celebrities whose claim to fame is usually not the content of their character and often, anything but! I sometimes wonder if we are choosing the wrong people as our idols. How our world might change if we would look to follow closely and learn from a different group of people. People who have found joy and passion in the service of others. Who personify simplicity and grace rather than pomp and show. For whom material and creature comforts are not always the be-all and end-all of life. One of whom was called Jesus Christ.

P.S. For a different (and less preachy!) take on the Royal Wedding from one of my friends, see here.
P.P.S - I didn't know 'preachy' was a word, but my spell-checker approved it!!


  1. I might be the only one who didn't watch the Royal wedding as of yet. See, I was not invited, then why bother?!

    Liked the last line of the post. I was hoping you would end with the Wedding of the Lamb. May be sometime you can write another 'preachy' post on that.

    Take care guys.

  2. The Black MambaMay 2, 2011 at 3:27 AM

    I just wanted to point out that one of the so called 'Royal' teams in the IPL have nothing to do with royalty per se and more to do with a particular brand of alcohol.

    Also, when you say P.S.2, surely you mean P.P.S? That got past the spell checker, didn't it?

    - The Black Mamba

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  4. and finally " KAT BELLS WILL "

  5. Thanks for linking up to my post!

  6. Oh.. And do you have TV inside the OT?? yikes! I hope no forceps or scalpels have been sutured into patients!

  7. Hello Arpit ji,
    i have send you a mail regarding my Shillong trip....

    Looking ahead to see you there :)

  8. Finally got the time. Thanks for the boat ride.

  9. A 'dummy' royal family -I mean they have no power whatsoever. Knowing this, a lot of us still want to see all the happenings there. Can it be, that people have a subconscious liking to be like the royals living a royal life? The whole thing sounds hilarious to me, the wedding of a 'prince' who is not really a 'prince' being admired and celebrated by people who really don't want him to be the real prince.
    However, it felt good to see the Archbishop of Canterbury who recently visited CMC conducting the wedding. ( I saw the 'highlights' in BBC)

  10. NRIG - Good one! Why bother if you were not invited!! And I your post on the Wedding Supper ( was just a day before the 'royal wedding'!!
    TBM - As always you keep me on the straight and narrow!! Thanks and the correction is made!
    Irfan - I have not got your mail - pleas resend.
    Deepa - Fear not, the TV is only in the lounge. It would be rather impossible to watch TV while doing an operation!!
    Anon - No probs. How goes the romance?
    Ron - You're right, it seems surprising! But then, all of us are different - some people think our cricket fanaticism is hilarious!!

  11. When I see millions of people glued to the idiot box, watching a group of men (who are paid like kings) chase a ball around a field, I get similar feelings. :)

    You're right about celebrities. At the same time (and this could be wishful thinking on my part), most people grow out of such fixations. I find it equally disturbing to watch very young children, who have no concept of life, being brainwashed by their parents into following their own beliefs. I wish children were brought up with basic good values such as love, honesty, integrity, and hard work, and left to develop their own system of political, religious or national affiliations.

    P.S.: Sorry for going off on a tangent.