Thursday, June 23, 2011

The hard truth for all of us sports fans

We are just about recovering from all the hoopla surrounding the World Cup and India's victory. And yes, I truly savoured that moment - it was a long time coming and well worth the wait. I was actually supposed to be travelling (what's new!!) but postponed a ticket so I could watch it. That was worth it too!! I think my cricket fever has been completely sated for some time thanks to that win. I hardly followed the IPL, though my favourite team did win. And as for the tour of the West Indies - the last I heard we were 3-1 up in the one-dayers! Sorry! (This is also my longest time without a newspaper! Will check it out online right now!). Well anyway, I have always wondered about our fascination with sports. What makes me feel so good when some millionaires whom I don't know from Adam run around a field with a bat and a ball? I will venture no further into this dangerous territory, but will direct you to an interesting video that I saw talking to LeBron James, the NBA superstar about his reaction to his detractors when his team, the Miami Heat lost the NBA finals. A quote - if you keep reminding us that sports doesn't matter so much, bad things could happen. You might accidently convince sports fans to read books more or start hanging out with their kids.....vounteer in the community, get involved in local politics or something like that. Do you actually want us to turn off the TV and actually start focussing on our problems and try to fix them? 'Coz that would be HORRIBLE!! We want to avoid our problems. We want to pay you millions of dollars to distract us from our problems!!

There's a lot more hilarious and yet somewhat true stuff in there. Enjoy - it's really something to think about!!(HT: Challies)


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