Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Two months......

Two months doesn't really seem like a long time. And it seemed like nothing at all at the end of March when I said farewell to Amy and returned to Shillong to 'help out'! But these have turned out to be the longest 2 months of my life. I will not speak much of them except to say that during this time I explored the borders of the country called Depression and only just about managed to keep myself from entering. And of course, the pressure of packing amidst the busy work schedule did not really help. I don't know what I would have done without the help of two dear friends and of course, my beloved brother. But here I am, on a train that is running 3 hours late with half my worldly possessions (the other half are right now in the care of a moving company), racing towards Ludhiana, where Amy awaits! These have been 2 long months. I sometimes wondered if they would ever end. But they have and now, there is much to look forward to. The next two days with Amy in Ludhiana, where I will hopefully be able to find a job at CMC. Then the trip back to Shillong where some sad farewells await - something neither of us is looking forward to. And then - ROADTRIP!! Five days driving through the heart of India, ostensibly to transport my trusty old Alto to her new home, but actually to fulfil the adventure craze that has been handed down carefully to me by my father! And which, fortunately, is shared by my dear wife! And thanks to the wonders of modern communication that allow me to write this on a train speeding through some desolate areas of UP, I will hopefully be able to share that adventure with you as well. Of course, if any of you can get to Shillong by the 7th in your vehicle, you are welcome to join us!! If not, watch this space!! So goodbye depression! Next phase of life - here I come!!


  1. well..this is what life is all about....
    and its always good to accept positively as it comes....but i must say one thing that you are going to leave a beautiful piece of land...
    yaa, Shillong is really a place, leaving which any one would feel bad....but "to get some, one has to loose some"

    wish both of you all the best in for ur future life coming ahead.

  2. Looking forward to the updates from your proposed road trip. Have fun.

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